​So Sick of Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and other Companies Packing Orders Like $H!T

Posted by Austin Roberts on Apr 25th 2021

​So Sick of Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and other Companies Packing Orders Like $H!T

So, I’ve had enough and I’m going to rant about Walmart and other companies and their lack of give-a-shit about their customers and the way they crappily package action figure orders time and time again. If you’re an out-of-box collector, you probably won’t care too much about my rant. 

Straight up, part of the reason I founded Valhalla Toys is because I was tired of getting screwed over and I was also tired of seeing so many other in-box collectors getting screwed over with their online orders from major companies and online sellers. 
Before opening Valhalla Toys, I collected toys for about 11 years and would routinely hit multiple stores everyday looking for action figures in near-mint and mint packaging. Before the huge upswing in online ordering, store pick-up etc., it seemed a lot easier to find figures in good condition. That is seldom the case these days, at least where I live.
Let’s start with Walmart. Because they get so many exclusive Funko Pops, McFarlane figures and much more, we order multiples when we can’t find them in store, which is about 90% of the time. We’ve also ordered exclusives from Best Buy, which also packages like shit, and another company renowned for Wrestling Figures where our the packaging on both items was crushed, and had no packing material in the box. 

I have been severely disappointed in all of these companies. There’s no packing materials in the over-sized boxes and the corners of the figure’s packing get crushed. Or, like with Amazon, the box is too small and they just cram the figure into the box destroying the packaging. Hell, Best Buy just put our SWBS exclusive figures in a bubble envelope and thought that was okay. Screw that!
I realize that many folks are out-of-box collectors and this doesn’t matter to them, but for folks like us, who are in-box collectors, this shit is getting ridiculous. Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon and the well-known company who deals mostly in WWE/MMA figures, have all let us down on multiple orders over the span of several months.

This isn’t meant to be a pat on the back for Valhalla Toys at the expense of other companies being lazy but this is a large difference between us and other companies. We take the time to bubble-wrap, use proper sized boxes, use packing materials to prevent the items moving around in the box. In nearly two years of selling as a company, we’ve had ZERO returns due to the quality of the item’s packaging. Hell, the only returns we’ve had is when someone ordered a different version of an item they wanted and another couple returns because they ended up getting the action figure as a gift at Christmas or for their birthday.

In short, I’m sick of ordering from these large companies, mid-size companies and others that really don’t give a shit about their customers. We treat every order as if it’s going to an in-box collector who will not accept less than near-mint packaging. Anything that doesn’t make the cut goes to our Ebay store and is not sold on Valhallatoyshop.com. Believe it or not, we actually do give a shit about each and every order, even our $5 Funko Pops ship in sorters and are in near-mint to mint condition. So screw these companies that don’t care about in-box collectors and ship in a lazy, shitty manner essentially giving their customers the middle-finger. I suppose that’s the end of my rant.

Austin Roberts

Co-founder/Managing Partner

Valhalla Toys, LLC