Shipping Price Calculation

Shipping prices are calculated by total weight of the order. We offer several flat rate options for 1-3 lbs, aside from our flat rate options shipping rates are calculated via real time USPS rates. If you have questions regarding shipping rates on your order please contact us at

 Large Item/Multiple Item Order

With some multiple item orders, in order to package the item safely we may break the order into multiple orders. This will not cost you any extra shipping charges. We pride ourselves on packaging items safely so they are not damaged during shipping, so if we believe it is necessary to break the order into multiple packages to protect them we will notify you via email.

Forwarding Addresses

Customers using forwarding addresses : We only accept responsibility for the items arriving at the address provided at the time the order is placed. If your forwarding service fails to deliver the items or the items are delayed we will not issue refunds or replace the items for any reason.  


Return Policy
Not all purchases are going to be perfect. As hard as we try, things may not always arrive as expected; with that in mind we offer a 7 day return policy from the delivery day.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL on items purchased on sale, promotion and/or clearance. We will immediately refund the cost to cover shipping back to us, then once we have received the item(s) and have inspected them to make sure there is no damage then we will issue you a full refund.


Unopened Items

Unopened and unused items can be returned within 10 days from delivery unless otherwise stated. The packaging must be in the same condition as when initially received. We take pictures of each item as it is packaged for shipping and the picture is kept on file as a reference in the event of a return. We will not accept a return if the item's packaging is not in the same condition as it was when it was shipped to the customer.

Opened Items

Opened items are not eligible for returns. this includes but are not limited to:
Items that have been opened or removed from the packaging
Items that have visible indications that the packaged has been opened
Opened cases that are no longer factory sealed

Funko Products with a Chase/ Variant

We will not accept returns on any Funko purchases if there is a chance for a Chase/Comic Book/Variant/etc. in the line. There is always a chance that when ordering multiple Funkos from a line with a Chase/Comic Book/Variant/etc., that the customer may receive all commons.

Promotional Codes

All Promotional codes are 1 use per customer unless otherwise stated.

What if the Delivery Service Damages the outer box and my item?

If the delivery service (UPS, USPS, etc.) damages the outer box which leads to the item or it's packaging being damaged, the customer should file a claim with the shipping company. Valhalla Toys will not take responsibility for damages made from delivery companies.

What does standard grade mean?

Most products arriving at our warehouse are in Standard Grade condition, meaning they are fresh out of the case with only very minor issues such as scrapes, rubbing, dings, dents, or creases. These issues don’t take away a significant amount from the overall value of the packaging and are suitable for in-package collectors, opening or for display in their package.
Package Condition

As collectors ourselves, we understand the importance of package condition to in-package collectors. The vast majority of the items for sale meet the standard for the typical in-package collector. Some older items may have more wear and this will be noted in the description under each item. In plain terms, we will not send you an item with significantly damages packaging unless it is made clear in the description. For example, an original Kenner Star Wars figure may have packaging that is C7 or below. We will provide an actual photo of the item and describe the condition of the packaging in the description.


C-9 The package of the item is in the same fresh condition that it was in when originally shipped from the factory. Flaws may include very minor small surface creases and/or slight wear to edges or corners. The item will be sealed in it's original packaging. Overall, this is a near mint to mint condition.

C-8 The package of the item has minor wear. There may be more prevalent but still relatively minor shelf wear, small area(s) of minor surface creasing, or a slight indent(s) and/or minor scuffing to the bubble. The toy will be factory sealed in it's original packaging. Overall, this is a displayable and in-package collectible, but less than perfect condition.

Valhalla Toys will not sell C-7 or lower on our website without explicitly disclosing the damages to the packaging. The package of the item has moderate wear. The packaging may have heavier creasing, more severe bubble indents, a sticker tear, etc. This level of wear is usually unacceptable for a collector who maintains his or her collection in the original packaging.
How we ship.

We ship all items in boxes bigger than the item(s) being shipped to ensure there is adequate space for packing materials. We take pride in protecting items and use packing materials to protect the item in transit in an attempt to mitigate the risk of damages occurring during the shipping process. We typically take 3-5 business days for processing and handling.