C-8 Guarantee

Valhalla Toys guarantees that our items are C8 and above on our website. The only exceptions that you will find to this policy may be when we carry original vintage toys such as Kenner Star Wars, Original TMNT figures or other very old toys. When an item is below C8, or is even questionable, we will post photos of the actual item and note the grade of the item in the description. We have been in-box collectors for nearly a decade and we won't sell our customers items that have poor packaging. You can read our blog post or look under the FAQ tab to see the definition of C8.

We will not sell you items with severely creased packaging, or significant corner damage or any other significant flaws. We take pride in being able to offer our customers high-quality packaging. As consumers ourselves, we have fallen victim to stores selling us severely damaged items and/or shipping items poorly which resulted in us receiving severely damaged packaging. We won't do that to our customers. We value each and every one of you so we package our items in such a way that they are highly unlikely to be damaged during shipping. Essentially, it would take someone stomping on the box over and over for our items to be damaged during shipping. We don't care if you spend $5 or $500. we will package your item with the same level of care.