Tha Mandalorian Episode 3 Review

Posted by Austin Roberts on Nov 30th 2019

Tha Mandalorian Episode 3 Review

The Mandalorian has gone over as a big hit for the vast majority of watchers, heck, the only complaint I’ve really heard is that the episodes are too short. I agree, but only because I like the show so much that I selfishly want more. The Mandalorian has surpassed my expectations up-to this point. I’ve been happy with the costumes, backdrops, dialogue and especially the battle scenes. The hand-to-hand combat at the beginning of Episode 2 was an awesome opening and I enjoy the mystery and allure of “Baby Yoda’s” presence. I can’t wait to see where we’re headed.

The Mandalorian has been the best iteration of Star Wars since the original movies in my opinion, for reasons I’ve listed in previous posts, episode 1 and episode 2. The show delivers a complex character who is both well-trained in the art of combat and at the same time wrestling with his humanity and emotions which we typically don’t expected to see from a stoic bounty hunter.

I’m sure we will see more of The Mandalorian’s background as the series progresses and I hope that there will be more times when he must choose between his bounty hunter duties and his moral convictions. After all, any protagonist must face and conquer a situation which pits his/her duties against their personal moral convictions. I think this helps develop Mando’s character as opposed to just delivering the audience an emotionless bounty hunter such as Boba Fett. We saw Mando’s morals displayed at the end of episode 1 when he kills IG-11 to save “Baby Yoda’s” life and then we saw Mando’s humanity on full display in episode 3 when he rescues “Baby Yoda”.

I thought episode three was well done and so far the best episode. I enjoyed the inner conflict Mando faced while he struggled with the notion of rescuing “Baby Yoda” or pursuing his next bounty. The way in which Mando strategically neutralized the Stormtroopers to get to “Baby Yoda” was a great scene and so was the final battle scene. Although it was another case of blaster fire flying across the screen, it was overshadowed when the Guild came to Mando’s aide and placed their lives on the line to help him. Each episode is better than the last and I’m ecstatic that this is series keeps me interested and in anticipation of the next episode. Finally a Star Wars series that delivers as expected.